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The Adobe Substance 3D ecosystem is designed to help 3D professionals create beautiful photorealistic materials and texture 3D assets with ease. From games and visual effects to product design and visualization, the tools within Substance 3D allow users to seamlessly create, texture, and render stunning 3D assets that range from pixel perfect photorealism to fantastic, imagined environments. Substance 3D tools also integrate with most popular 3D tools, making it easy and fast to share 3D assets across your creative pipeline from concept to final render.

Create state-of-the-art 3D designs with Substance 3D

Adobe is a leading software company that provides a wide range of digital media tools and services. Its products are used by professionals throughout the creative industry, including designers, photographers, and video editors. The Adobe Substance 3D collection is an ecosystem of apps and content designed to empower 3D artists and designers. This comprehensive suite of tools allows users to create, texture, and render photorealistic 3D assets, and offers an extensive set of integrations that make it easy to integrate Substance into any 3D pipeline.

Substance 3D Moldeler

A flexible and powerful 3D shaping tool that makes modeling in 3D as natural as working with clay. It encourages creative flow to create complex models and explore ideas in 3D with ease.

Substance 3D Sampler

A tool that transforms images of the physical world into 3D materials, lights and models. Sampler uses advanced AI and powerful photogrammetry tools to simplify the process of creating assets without compromising quality.

Substance 3D Designer

A powerful node-based material authoring tool that offers complete control over material creation with a parametric workflow. You can adjust your materials at any time to suit any scenario, making it perfect for creating a wide range of textures.

Substance 3D Painter

An intuitive texturing tool that allows you to apply materials to assets quickly and easily, with real-time viewport previewing for instant feedback. You can modify existing paint strokes with layer manipulation, to intuitively create photorealistic textures.

Substance 3D Stager

A virtual studio that lets you showcase your 3D assets within an entire scene. You can drag and drop 3D assets, materials, lights, and cameras to set up the perfect shot, and export photorealistic rendered images and animated turntables.

Substance 3D Assets

A library of over 15,000 customizable models, lights, and materials created by world-class artists for every industry. This library has everything you need for every stage of your creative workflow, making it easy to find the perfect assets for your project.

Combining Substance 3D Painter's user-friendly interface with the Xencelabs tablet gives artists and designers a particularly powerful tool for applying materials and textures to models by providing an intuitive and natural way to create beautifully textured 3D assets with ease.



Designed with the input of industry leading artists, our Pen Tablet delivers the precision and reliability the creative professional needs: a minimal design that prioritizes comfort and functionality with features for faster workflows, and great drawing experience.


A minimalist design style that emphasizes comfort and functionality while also offering a smoother workflow and a genuine drawing experience. The Pen Display 24 was meticulously crafted with the feedback of professionals from across the creative industries and provides the accuracy and dependability that artists have come to rely on.