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Our Story

New Alternative, New Inspiration

  • We are a passionate team of enthusiastic digital art industry veterans with more than 30 years of experience. With respect, we have a deep insight into artists’ real feelings, needs, and problems in their art creation processes. We are dedicated to exploring, innovating, designing, and developing the new pen tablet generation. Thus, Xencelabs was born.
  • Our product design originated in the United States. From research, development, production, marketing, and service, Xencelabs offers new alternatives to the world of computer graphics across different regions. Let us embrace the brand with wisdom and efforts, ignite our creative spark, enlighten new inspiration, and create a better world together!

Our Mission

We work in partnership with artists to design digital drawing tools that are intuitive and comfortable to use so there are less distractions to your creative process. Your passions inspire us to innovate.

Customer Promise

We promise that Xencelabs products will be easy to use, adaptable for every artist, and include useful and innovative features. These products will be reliable, properly tested, and developed with the input of professional creatives. Most importantly, our tablets will deliver a great drawing experience.

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    You, and your experience with Xencelabs matter to us and to ensure you are satisfied with your holiday purchase we are extending returns through February 1, 2022 for any Xencelabs Pen Tablets ordered between November 24 – December 24, 2021.