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Leveraging Xencelabs Technology in Your Classroom to Improve Learning and Enhance Creativity

The speed at which technology moves and the role it plays in art and design education makes having the right digital tools in the classroom an absolute necessity to educators and the students they are preparing go out into the world and positively effect change as creators.

Xencelabs understands the importance of education and that leveraging its family of digital pen tablets and pen displays in classrooms and labs empower teachers and students to perform their best in creative programs where art and design take center stage. Our mission is to help build “real world” studies that effectively and efficiently prepare students for the next chapter of their lives.

Setting Teachers and Students Up for Success

Educators are relying more and more on computers and digital pen input devices to complete the tasks that were once done with traditional media. While real ink and paint are foundational, the reality is digital creativity is here to stay and schools need to prepare students for the digital demands that await them.
Xencelabs is dedicated to supporting teachers and students, from Higher Education and K-12 to remote learning, with a family of high-quality, expertly designed Pen Tablets and Pen Displays that emulate the natural feel of pen to paper or brush to canvas. Backed by a team with decades of experience in the design and manufacture of digital pen input products for the education space and studio creatives, Xencelabs has a wide range of products to fit a variety of student age groups, curricula, and budgets.

“We have been gradually phasing in the use of pen displays and tablets to more labs each year, and our students and faculty love them. Colors can be calibrated, strokes are manipulated, and functionalities programmed to the user's need and style. Plus, they are beautiful, adding sophistication and aesthetics to our lab design.”

Fernando J. Montilla
Chief Innovation Officer
Atlantic University

Xencelabs for Higher Education

For universities, colleges and specialty art and design schools, having the right equipment in their classrooms and labs is a major key to success. Schools keeping up with the technology curve not only create students who are expertly prepared to enter the professional world, but it also aids in faculty recruitment and retainment as well as a healthy boost in admissions and school loyalty. In addition, companies in search of talented students can be confident in their selection of those graduating from schools that invest in digital technology and place a premium on digital learning.

Xencelabs' line of Pen Tablets and Pen Displays are an ideal choice for developing the digital proficiency, knowledge, and skills that students will need during their creative studies. Knowing how to use digital pen input along with the dozens of creative applications needed for professional environments will be a requirement for virtually every student seeking a position in creative content production after graduation.

Schools offering Associate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the following disciplines - animation, illustration, game development, industrial design, photography, graphic design, videography, interior design, visual effects, Web design, engineering and architecture - will find Xencelabs to be the perfect technology partner in the development and outfitting of their classrooms and labs.

Faculty and students appreciate the thought and attention to detail that goes into every Xencelabs product, with quality, design and value-add being hallmarks of the brand. In addition, university and college IT personnel acknowledge several aspects of Xencelabs products that make them a delight to work with, including easy, plug-and-play installation, a professional driver that is intuitive and easy to use, as well as Kensington locks for loss prevention. This added security allows classrooms to stay open after hours so students can work late if needed.

Department heads, campus libraries, and bookstores can also administer tablet loaner programs whereby students can check out equipment for a set number of days to complete a project. Administrators also realize significant savings on traditional art supplies (i.e. paper, pens, markers, etc.) with healthy and robust digital art programs in place.

Image Credit: Atlantic University

“We encourage our students to explore and push their creativity to the next level,” said Pete Bandstra, Program Director, Computer Animation, Full Sail University. “By providing our students with the technology they will experience in professional production environments, this gives them the advantage and preparation for the careers that lie ahead. The skills learned in the classroom directly translate to the expectations and technology they will encounter in the future.”

“Within our curriculum the Xencelabs Tablet is more than just a tool for sketching,” said Bandstra. “It can be used with a variety of software packages from 3D modeling, texturing, compositing and other areas of the production process.”

Pete Bandstra
Program Director, Computer Animation
Full Sail University

Xencelabs for K-12 and Remote Teaching and Learning

Learning to draw, paint, and write is part of the creative exploration process we all go through as children in school to help one learn coordination, spatial perception, how to think, count, innovate and use your imagination. While crayons, pencils, pens, and paintbrushes are still definitely being used in schools, today, many elementary and high schools are turning to computers and digital pen input devices to teach writing as well as age and experience appropriate courses in fine art, animation, graphic design and photography.

Image Credit: Hannah Imperial Cannon

Xencelabs has just the growing portfolio of products for schools and remote learning establishments seeking to augment their digital offerings. Xencelabs's line of opaque Pen Tablets connect seamlessly, wired or Bluetooth, to PC, Mac or Linux computers. Bluetooth wireless offers many advantages. For teachers, the ability to wander around the room and face students while simultaneously drawing and displaying the work on a projector promotes collaboration and participation. Students welcome the precise pen control and ability to move around the class and work in groups. As for remote teachers and learners? The Pen Tablet provides a portable platform to be completely flexible and work from wherever you like. Our Pen Tablets are offered in a variety of configurations to meet your specific instruction and budgetary needs. There are also Education Packs (10 Tablets per box) available for schools looking to economically equip an entire class or classes.

Your Path to Purchasing and Customer Support - We Care Every Step of the Way

Backed by a team of digital pen input experts, Xencelabs is sharply focused on delivering the finest products available today to educators. Your path to purchasing starts with us listening to your needs and making sure we understand your school's technological needs, curricula, teaching philosophy, type of students, departmental and school goals and, of course, budgetary concerns. Xencelabs is proud to offer very competitive prices compared to alternative professional digital pen tablet and pen display brands in the market, and we are happy to work with you and our resellers on volume discounts. We also know that purchasing a class set of Xencelabs products is a decision that requires some thought and review. That's why we offer a loaner program to major accounts so that faculty and administrators can be sure they are acquiring the right product.

Customer support after the sale is as important to us as it is to you. We want you to be happy with your purchase and become a lifetime customer. Our customer support team is second to none and their help will extend way beyond Xencelabs' two-year warranty. Knowledgeable, agile and quick to respond, they are available to answer your installation and technical questions, as well as quickly solve things like a damaged shipment, improper address, etc. Additionally, the support team is pleased to take any tablet driver suggestions from educators and consider them for inclusion in a future driver update. This is just another example of our support team's dedication to the end user and making sure our products remain feature rich.

Xencelabs Products for Education - Built by Artists for Artists

The Pen Display 24, our pen on screen, color accurate, flagship product, is ideally suited for Higher Education where digital art and design courses focus on preparing students for professional jobs in media and entertainment, graphic, industrial, and interior design, architecture, and engineering. Introducing Pen Display 24s into your classroom and labs will make immediate and tangible contributions to your students' workflow and success.

Learn more about schools currently using Xencelabs products in their classrooms.

Xencelabs Products

Our priority is to offer quality products at an affordable price, giving teachers and students access to the tools they need for success in subjects including math, science, and the creative arts.

Xencelabs' family of opaque Pen Tablets align well with certain programs in Higher Ed and K-12, especially for courses that teach photography and videography editing and retouching, as well as Web and graphic design. Like all Xencelabs products, they work seamlessly with PC, Mac and Linux computers and are compatible with dozens of creative software applications. Robust with precise and easy to use pen input, the Xencelabs Pen Tablet can inject new life into the classroom.

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE

Xencelabs Pen Tablet EDU 10 Pack (Medium)

The Xencelabs Edu Pack is an easy and economical way to incorporate digital pen tablets into your classroom. Featuring ten Pen Tablet Medium devices, fifteen 3 Button Pens, ten USB-C cables, one hundred replacement nibs, Kensington locks for loss prevention, and an intuitive, sharable driver that's lauded by IT personnel, faculty and students, our Edu Pack is an ideal choice for schools looking to enhance their digital learning programs. Whether deployed in a creative content class for digital illustration, design or animation, or for math, science and foreign language programs, a set of Pen Tablets in the class will prepare students for the future. The Edu Pack ships in a robust storage box that conveniently stores the Tablets and accessories, making it easy to manage and track inventory. Note, Xencelabs will work on quantities and pricing with schools who prefer to outfit their classroom(s) with the Pen Tablet Small.


Pen Tablet Medium:

• 3 Driver access buttons
      • Left - tablet settings
      • Middle - pen settings
      • Right - switch display
• Sliding power switch
• 16:9 Aspect ratio
• Sculpted returns on the side
• Curved palm rest
• Kensington NANO Security Slot™
• Customizable 8 color LED active area indicators

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