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About Us

Create What You Dream™


Xencelabs is a global company providing best-in-class digital drawing solutions enabling creative professionals to expand their creativity and enhance productivity.

Xencelabs was founded in 2019 by professionals with experience that spans varied disciplines in industrial design, animation, VFX, illustration, software, engineering, IT, sales, marketing, government, and education. We’re dedicated to designing digital drawing tools that facilitate artistic expression. Our goal is to build communities and collaboration with other industry leaders. We aim to create tools that are intuitive and a natural extension of the creative process.

Our Mission

We work in partnership with artists to design digital drawing tools that are intuitive and comfortable to use so there are less distractions to your creative process. Your passions inspire us to innovate.

Customer Promise

We promise that Xencelabs products will be easy to use, adaptable for every artist, and include useful and innovative features. These products will be reliable, properly tested, and developed with the input of professional creatives. Most importantly, our tablets will deliver a great drawing experience.

Meet the Team

Our team is assembled of creative professionals with decades of industry experience. The following sorts are in alphabetical order.

Amber Chen

Head of Global Marketing

Frankie Lo

Head of Global Business

Michael Thompson

Head of Global Product

Ian Sayers

Customer Engagement and Training Director

Mike McBride

Head of Customer Care & Global Training

Paul Grotowski

Head of Sales, EMEA

Pretty Leung

Senior Manager Global Marketing

Bill Lindsay

Channel / Enterprise Sales Manager North America

Carson Famme

Customer Care Agent North America

DaCosta Bayley

Art Director – N. America / Technical Engagement Manager

Hannah Imperial Cannon

Director – Business Development
Sales & Marketing

Troy Hodge

Software Product Manager and Head of QA for Software and Applications

Valarie Alterman

Inside Sales North America