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Xencelabs Quick Keys


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Quick Keys


Wireless Dongle


Adapter – USB-A to USB-C


USB-A to USB-C Cable L


Quick Keys Case


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Key Features of the Quick Keys

Power Slide Switch

Slide and hold to turn on/off. Adjustable sleep times are in the settings panel.

Charging Indicator

Solid green light indicates full charge, breathing green light indicates charging, solid amber light indicates low charge.

Connectivity Indicator

Blinking blue light indicates searching for connection, solid blue light indicates successful wireless connection and breathing blue light when connected via USB cable.


Kensington NANO lock slot


Customize dial with 8 dimmable LED color ring options.Center button switches between up to 4 different modes per application (ie. zoom, brush size, etc).

Eight Shortcut Keys

5 customizable groups of 8 keys per application for a total of 40 shortcuts.You can disable sets if they are not needed. For example, group your workflow activities into sets (ie. sketching, coloring, editing).

USB Port

Charge the battery and/or connect to the computer.

Set Button

Controls OLED display and allows you to switch between up to 5 shortcut groups.

OLED Display

Displays short cut key assignments.


Charging the Tablet and/or Quick Keys

To charge your Quick Keys connect it to a powered-on computer, powered USB hub, or other USB charger (5mA required). To use your device over a wireless connection, make sure it is sufficiently charged. When fully charged, the Quick Keys will give you up to 52 hours continuous use. When critically low the LED light will turn amber, and a breathing green light indicates charging. See driver settings panel for charge status. (Figure 3 + 4)


Connecting Wirelessly

You can connect the tablet wirelessly with the provided dongle which establishes a wireless connection between the dongle and the tablet. We have provided a USB-A to USB-C adapter if you need it. If you bought the bundle with the Xencelabs Quick Keys, the single dongle will connect both the tablet and the Quick Keys. (Figure 5 )

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