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Tips & Tricks 3 - Resetting, Sharing Settings, Switch Application Tool


Wow, what a wonderful fall and start to the holidays it has been. I did my best to get out there and take as many pictures as possible of the fall colors in their many splendid forms and colors.  Now, it is on to post-processing the images and culling out the ones that did not make the cut. It will be interesting to see what I end up with.

I would love to see you post an image or two on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #Xencelabs.


Mike McBride

Director of Customer Care / Global Training

Tip 1

When in Doubt, Reset

There will be times with you are making adjustments to your Pen Tablet, Pens, Quick Keys, or Preferences, and you go one step or two too far. An easy way to bring that back to default settings is by using the Reset button. There are many ways to reset your devices, you can do a Global reset ora specific button reset.

The Reset FAQ will give you a bit more guidance on where the reset buttons are in each area within the Settings panel.

Tip 2

Sharing Settings

Can I share the settings for a specific application with others?

Yes, you can. You will need to use macOS driver 1.2.1-31 and Windows driver 1.2.1-19 or earlier.  In the Settings panel, under the Gear dropdown menu, there is an export selection.

The Exporting Settings FAQ will walk you through the process in more detail and posted it below.

Tip 3

Switch Applications Tool

Is there a way to see all my open applications?

If you have a ton of applications running as you get your work done, you are like most of us. You often find yourself looking for the application that you need to hop into for a minute and have issues finding it. This setting is for you!

The tool is called Switch Applications, you can assign it to a Pen button, a Tablet button, or a button on the Quick Keys. When you press it, it brings up and the active application in a tiled fashion, and you can select the one you want to jump into.

The Switch Application FAQ will go into more depth on how to set this handy feature up. It is super easy.


If you are new to using a Pen Tablet, to help build your eye-hand coordination, try playing games using the Tablet and Pen. I have had customers tell me that they have quickly built the needed eye-hand coordination by playing Solitaire. This is a fun, no-pressure way to get up and running quickly with your first Pen Tablet.

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