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Xencelabs makes its presence felt at AdobeMAX 2022


By Michelle Martorell

Even though AdobeMAX 2022 was curtailed to only 7000 attendees this year, it still held all the tech, glitz, and food AdobeMAX is known for. The event was held at the LA Convention Center, where there was plenty of learning and entertainment. “Sneaks” (Adobe’s preview of upcoming technology) featured a guest appearance of Kevin Heart as host. This unforgettable presentation was fun and informative and featured future technological advances that could be added to Adobe applications in the future. We saw amazing presentations of improved workflow utilizing AI advancements.

The pavilion was well attended with many highlights. Let me start with Adobe’s main booth and the expansion with newly added applications/partner pods featuring Frame.io, Substance Painter 3D, and Workfront. We also saw new technology advancements from Meta’s new VR headset and, Substance Painter 3D team had an awesome AR display that wowed us. There were also lots of artists’ works to purchase at the show.

Let’s not forget the evening Bash this year that featured DJ Steve Aoki and 21 Pilots. What an eventful night of music, confetti, and light-up bunny ears if you were lucky enough to find them!

Then inside the Xencelabs booth, we attracted a lot of amazing visitors who were eager to learn more about our product lineup. Our Xencelabs team was excited to attend traveling from all corners of the US and UK, including Bill Lindsay, Georgia Powers, myself Michelle Martorell and Ian Sayers, our own Adobe Community Expert coming all the way from Belfast.

Ian showcased the workflow of Adobe applications with Xencelabs Pen Tablets & Quick Keys and never slowed and presented and worked as a training assistant in many of the sessions.

We also loved to hear the excitement from the illustrator and various artists learning from Glen Southern presenting at the Maxon booth with ZBrush. They were all excited about our new choice of pen tablets in the industry.

We met so many talented and wonderful people from the Adobe Community. We made new connections and forged new partnerships. I am personally looking forward to AdobeMAX 2023!