Xencelabs Pen Tablets

A quality drawing experience requires a quality drawing tablet.

Designed with the input of industry leading artists, our Pen Tablet delivers the precision and reliability the creative professional needs: a minimal design that prioritizes comfort and functionality with features for faster workflows, and great drawing experience.


The tablet features a seamless design and a gently curved palm rest to maximize ergonomics, as well as adjustable LED lights, which help define the drawing area.


Advanced technology increases sensitivity at the point where the pen meets the tablet, which allows you to make and control even the lightest marks.


One-button pen pressure sensitivity controls that let you create a customized experience that matches your style.


Adjustable LED lights define the tablets 16:9 active drawing area, which matches the aspect ratio of industry-standard monitors.

Created for professionals, by professionals. We understand the need for tools that perform so your ideas can take center stage.

Ergonomic features like a gently curved palm rest and a slim profile keep you more comfortable for hours of creativity.

Value + Performance. The tablet includes two pens and all the accessories you need to start creating.

All of the elements come together in a minimalist form that promotes maximum creativity through efficiency, quality, and thoughtful design.

Two Pens are Mightier

A Writing Tool for Every Hand

Two different sized pens come standard with each of our tablets, both fully customizable to your workflow.

The 3 Button Pen

Use the three programmable buttons + eraser to transform this pen into your fully customized tool.

Sometimes a Thinner Pen is Better

The Thin Pen handles like your favorite pen or pencil and has two buttons + eraser that are programmable. Artists with smaller hands tend to find the Thin Pen’s slimmer barrel more comfortable.

The Keys to Success

An Efficiency Powerhouse

Quick Keys harnesses the power of application shortcuts through a programmable and easy-to-use interface.

Reimagined Shortcuts

Quickly switch between up to 40 programmable shortcut keys and toggle through application-specific functions like zoom, brush size, and layers.

Thoughtfully Designed

We collaborated with industry-leading artists to design a physical dial and OLED display that supercharges workflow efficiencies.

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