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Xencelabs Tips & Tricks No. 12 – Getting the most out of your Xencelabs products


Hello All -

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the last days of summer. This has been another hot and busy month in the Northwest, and I’m looking forward to the cooler weather to start to move in. I enjoy the edges of the seasons: almost fall, almost winter, almost spring, almost summer for me; as a landscape and wildlife photographer, those are the most enjoyable parts of the year. For the nature buffs out there, if you have not read Aldo Leopold’s Sands Country Almanac, it is a must-read.

What I read this month: What I do at Xencelabs requires me to take a lot of notes and write quite a bit for different audiences. I need to write both technically and for training internally and externally. I find myself sometimes challenged in keeping my notes and thoughts about my writings collected and organized. I came across How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning, and Thinking by Sonke Ahrens. Wow, what an excellent help it has been. Like most good practices, it is simple, just not easy. I highly recommend it for those who research, write, and publish material, whether it be for academics or for pleasure.


Mike McBride

Director of Customer Care / Global Training

Tip 1

Do you ever find the need to adjust your pen pressure on the fly?

When I’m using Rebelle 6, I do this quite a bit as I change the brush type that I’m using, and I find myself wanting to change the pen pressure sensitivity also.

FAQ - How to set pressure sensitivity on your Quick Keys.


Tip 2

Working with Color Spaces

I have received this question quite a bit in the last few weeks: I do not have a color calibration tool. Is there a way that I can adjust my Pen Display 24 to work in other color spaces?

The Pen Display 24 comes with six preset color spaces. You can select and change these as you would like. There is no substitute for color calibrating your Pen Display 24, but with that said, the color spaces we have listed get you very close to where you need to be.

FAQ - Where Color Spaces are located and how to select them


Tip 3

Adding Virtual Tablet Selection to Quick Keys

Did you know that you can set the Virtual Tablet On/Off to a button on your pen or your Quick Keys? Give this a try!

FAQ - How to add Virtual Tablet to Quick Keys


Mike’s Muses:

To be creative, you must create.
Creating is a verb. It is an action. Be creative every day through your actions,
whether it is small or big – be creative in some way.