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Xencelabs Shines at SIGGRAPH 2023


The Xencelabs team came away from this year’s SIGGRAPH, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), August 6 – 10, with lots of positivity following the dozens of meetings they had with schools, studios, journalists, and others wanting to learn more about the company’s family of pen tablets and pen displays. A meeting room at the Moxy Hotel, directly across from the LACC, served as the ideal meeting point for the hourly meetings that were arranged with people who wanted to talk with Xencelabs representatives and have an opportunity to take the Pen Display 24 and Pen Tablet for a spin.

Xencelabs products could be found in-use on the show floor at some partner booths. For example, Rich Hurrey, President of Kitestring Online and Ozone Story Tech, was a guest at the AMD booth conducting demos of his Ozone animation rigging software with a Xencelabs Pen Tablet. Rich’s Ozone software speeds up the animation production process with some nifty technology that is sure to change the way animators work moving forward. In addition, Unity was holding training sessions on its new Weta Tools using Xencelabs Pen Tablets for session attendees and a Pen Display 24 for the instructor. The Xencelabs equipment was warmly received by the Unity staff and those who participated in the trainings.

SIGGRAPH was celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and the event is still iconic and a destination every single summer for those in the media and entertainment technology business. Speaking of destinations, SIGGRAPH is headed to Denver next year and we look forward to being there. To learn more about SIGGRAPH, visit here.  

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