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How to Install Xencelabs Pen Tablet Drivers for Windows, Mac, and Linux


Before installing the Pen Tablet driver, please note that you can connect the Xencelabs Pen Tablet to your computer using the provided USB or dongle, but the installation wizard of drivers requires wired connection to at least one of your devices during setup.

Download the Xencelabs Mercury Tablet drivers at: Xencelabs Driver Download –click on the appropriate option listed on the website

Once the drivers have finished downloading, double click on the download to open the Installer.

Xencelabs pen tablet for Windows(Windows®7 or later)

Once you have started the install process, Windows may ask you to allow the install, select Allow. You will need to check the box in the lower-left corner, stating that you have read and agreed to the software license, and then click on Install to continue

When it finishes, you will receive the Completed dialog screen, and you will need to click Complete to move on to the next step.

If this is your first Xencelabs pen tablet, I would suggest choosing the Guided Setup. Otherwise, you can select Manual Setup for more setup options.

Xencelabs pen tablet for Mac OS(Mac OS X 10.12 or later)

Once you have started the install process, you will then need to go into Preferences before set upping your pen tablet, in Security and Privacy, manually set the permissions.

Click on the Apple in the upper left corner of your screen and select system preferences.

Then, in the top section, select Privacy and Security.

Making sure the Privacy tab is selected in the top portion of the dialog lob.

1. Select Accessibility.

2. If the lock is in the locked position, you will need to click on it and enter your admin password to open it so that you can check the digital tablet driver.

3. In the Allow the apps below to control your computer, check the box for XencelabsDriver.

You will also need to make sure the Input monitoring selection is set correctly.

1. Selecting the Input Monitoring from the selection on the left.

2. If the lock is unlocked from the previous setting, move on to step three. Otherwise, click on the lock to open it. You will need to enter your admin password.

3. In the allow box, check the XencelabsDriver.

Note: Once you have completed the driver install, you will need to restart your computer for the driver to work properly.
Xencelabs pen tablet for Linux

There are many different types of Linux operating systems on the market. The ones that Xencelabs has tested are listed below.

If your version of Linux is not listed below, please plug in the tablet with pen and test it, it is possible that it would work with your Linux version natively.

Support version of Linux:

1. Ubuntu 14.4 or above

2. Debian 9.5 or above

3. CentOS7.0 or above

4. RedHat 7.0 or above

The Xencelabs driver installs for Linux consist of two files that will need to be installed, a .deb and a .rpm file.

To install the files you will first need to download them from the Xencelabs pen tablet Driver Download page. Once they have been downloaded to the computer you will need to run the below commands to install the drivers.

They will need to be installed in the order listed below.

DEB Install sudo dpkg -i xencelabs_1.x.x.20xxxx.deb

** the X will need to be replaced with the actual file name

RPM Install sudo rpm -i Xencelabs-1.x.x.20xxxxx.rpm

** the X will need to be replaced with the actual file name

If you need to uninstall the above driver the instructions to do that are listed below.

DEB Uninstall sudo dpkg -r Xencelabs

EPM Uninstall sudo rpm -e Xencelabs

The guided tour is completed. Please take a few minutes to test the pen on the tablet. Hover the pen over the surface and move your wrist left to right; is the cursor following your hand movement? If it is not, follow the instructions listed to check all steps or follow up with customer care at Xencelabs Support Hub.

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