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Xencelabs @ AMI 2024

Xencelabs is looking forward to the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) Conference at the Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center in Rochester NY on July 24-27, 2024. Renowned for its educational programs, engaging presentations, and networking opportunities, the AMI Conference brings together a host of top-tier medical illustrators, artists, educators, and technology professionals from around the world.

Attendees who visit the Maxon booth will be able to view and try Xencelabs’ family of digital Pen Tablets and Pen Display 24 and Pen Display 16, ideal solutions for a variety of drawn elements in the creation of medical illustrations. Whether creating 2D magnified cells or internal organs in 3D, having a Xencelabs device to draw, paint or sculpt on can help take your art to a whole new level.

Xencelabs will be doing on-site demonstrations with our brand-new Pen Display 16 and Pen Display 24 at the Maxon booth. Come talk to our Xencelabs representative Michelle Martorell and watch demos and learn more about the ZBrush 3D software application from Ian Robinson with the Maxon team.


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Ian Robinson

ZBrush Instructor and Digital Sculptor at Maxon

An Expert ZBrush Trainer at Maxon Software, Ian is also one of the owners of C4D and ZBrush. He's responsible for creating digestible content to help ZBrush users of all experiences understand how to use the software effectively. From creating video tutorials and live streaming to hosting events and interviewing some of the top artists in the world, Ian is dedicated to helping others learn how to use the software to the best of their abilities. Covering topics from 3D printing and toy design to game assets and animation-ready modelling, Ian helps you learn the skills you need to succeed while having fun in the process!

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Michelle Martorell

Marketing Director Americas

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