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Tips & Tricks 4 - Getting the most out of your Xencelabs products


I hope everyone has had a magical and wonderful Winter holiday and you are looking forward to the new year. This is a time of change as our days are starting to get longer in the Northern hemisphere and shorter in the Southern hemisphere.

What does this mean? The sessions are ever-changing, and for some of us that have received a new Xencelabs Tablet or Quick Keys getting them connected and working the way you need them to is at the top of your list of things to do. This Tips & Tricks edition will walk you through connecting and getting to know your Pen Tablet and Quick Keys so you can check that off your list and be more productive going into the new year.


Mike McBride

Director of Customer Care / Global Training

Tip 1

Best way to connect the tablet and Quick Keys

There are two basic ways that we offer you to connect your Pen Tablet and Quick Keys. We include a wireless dongle for you to connect to your computer or powered wireless hub and a USB cable that has a dual purpose (connection and charring).

The USB can be used to connect to your computer, and you can use your Pen Tablet, and Quick Keys in the "connected" fashion. Or you can use your Pen Tablet and Quick Keys connected wirelessly (the wireless dongle is supplied with your kit) and use the USB cable for charging your devices when needed.
Learn more about getting connected.

Tip 2


How to customize my Pen Tablet/Quick Keys to meet my needs?

I would like first to say; if you are new to Pen Tablets, I suggest that you use your new Xencelabs Pen Tablet for three to four days before you start to make any changes. This allows you to work on building your eye and hand coordination and to become familiar with your new tool.  If you start making changes right out of the box, you might get into the situation of not knowing if the Pen Tablet is not working properly or did you made a change that is causing an issue. Become comfortable with your Pen Tablet, and then start making changes.

I have placed three links below, “Getting to know your Pen Tablet,” and “Getting to know your Quick Keys”, and “Pen Tablet Settings Panel Walkthrough.” These will guide you through learning the different components of the two devices and the Settings panel, where things are found.

Getting to know your Pen Tablet

Getting to know your Quick Keys (Video)

Pen Tablet Settings panel walkthrough

Tip 3


I’m often asked if there is any maintenance that needs to be done to my Pen Tablet, Quick Keys, or Pens. The answer is yes, it is not much, and in most cases, once a month, attention to your Pen Tablet and Quick Keys works fine and will keep them in great shape for years to come.

You Pen nibs need to be checked weekly to make sure the nib is not becoming pointed. This is addressed in the article that is linked below.

Pen Tablet, Quick Keys and Pens Maintenance


Try a new application!

Make it a point to try new drawing or photography applications from time to time. Software evolves and changes. You might find something you like better or adds to your process. Sometimes we get stuck in what we do, we may like it, but we are not happy with it. I have listed 14 applications that I have looked at or used at some point.

Many applications today have free trials. They range from 15 days to 90 days, depending on the application.

Applications you might find interesting - (in no particular order):

* = Freeware