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Xencelabs Makes a Mark at Lightbox Expo 2022


By Georgia Powers

Lightbox Expo made a huge in-person come back in 2022. The enthusiasm, creativity and sense of human connection could be felt in the air! The event was held at the Pasadena Convention Center, where an entire section of the hall was dedicated to artists showcasing their work. All the big-name studios had booths, along with key players in the creative computing space. 

There were many panels and special presentations, including Xencelabs special discussion of "Life in a real-world Production Environment" featuring 7 industry veterans who dished out seasoned advice and answered audience questions. Some key advice given "Don't let your self-esteem be defined by how people respond to your artwork," "… the most powerful artists are able to convey human emotion in their work," "…put in the extra work and do some special projects on your own time," "….network, network, network," "…some studios hire on passion alone and they can see the passion in a portfolio," "…surround yourself with people who can give you positive and negative feedback that will help you grow as an artist." Many thanks to our panelist, Justin Fields, Bryan Turner, Mark Walsh, Rich Hurrey, Jayme Wilkinson, RC Aradio and Steve Talkowski.

Lightbox Expo was well attended and there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm about the exhibits and the show overall. The Xencelabs booth was hopping, and we had SO many conversations with incredible customers, artists and new friends. Di-No Computers shared our booth and showed off 3D Printers and models. Xencelabs also hosted a Private Suite where hosted back-to-back private meetings for three days straight!

The Xencelabs team had a phenomenal time, met incredible people, and are so inspired by our talented and innovative customers!