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League of Christian Schools 2022 Educators Conference

Equipping member schools to train students in the values and person of Christ in order to prepare them for success in this life and eternity to come.

November 17-18, 2022 - Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, FL

Xencelabs Technologies Ltd. will be attending the League of Christian Schools event with a focus on schools who are interested in Pen Technologies use with all graphics/creative programs and classes. We are excited to be attending this wonderful event and are focused on Educators making a difference.

What we offer to the community:

Virtual or hybrid learning including that includes white boarding.

Security features added on the Pen Tablets and Quick Keys via Kensington Security NANO Slot®

Digital drawing interactive experience for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art programs

Customer Technical and Support

Teacher & Student pricing

Join over 1600 Professional Christian Educators who are making a difference!

Pen Tablet Medium Bundle Education Pack


The Xencelabs education pack contains all the components needed to set up a flexible learning classroom or lab at school, at home or in hybrid learning environments. The Pen Tablet and 3 Button Pen + eraser offers the reliability and precision to support interactive learning in a variety of subjects including; STEM and creative arts. Our priority is to offer quality products at an affordable price in order to give teachers and students access to the tools that support their success.


The Education pack includes:

10 Pen Tablet Medium

15 3-Button Pen (plus Eraser)

10 USB Cables ("L" shaped connection)

100 Nibs

5 Nib Extractors

(EANS Grant funds are accepted for educational technology)

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