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The 3D and Motion Design Show - December 2022

Maxon’s 3D and Motion Design Show features the world’s top motion graphics and VFX artists showcasing 3D techniques and real-world production workflows using Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Redshift and the Red Giant suite of products.

Wednesday December 9

8:30 - Maxon News & Announcements - Paul Babb

9:00 - "Pose Morph Animation and Material Blending Using Vertex Maps" with Rainie Mou - 10:00 - Q&A

10:30 - "Finding the Fun with Motion Design Tools" with Brad Backofen - 11:30 - Q

12:00 - "Proxies, Instances and References for the Win" with Kelcey Steele - 1:00 - Q&A

1:30 - "Presentation TBD" with Mustafa Alqaragholy - 2:30 - Q&A

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