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Why Xencelabs

Xencelabs is one of the top pen tablet and pen display brands that continues to grow in popularity. We combine digital artwork, drawing tools and related services to meet a variety of needs. Becoming a member of our affiliate program means you can enjoy promoting a wide range of Xencelabs products and receive commissions on orders you refer.


Commision Rate, Paid Monthly


Earning Potential

30 Day

Buying Window for Referrals

How It Works


Please make sure you have searched "Xencelabs" and click "GET LINKS" after registration.

If you don't receive a reply for a long time, please email affiliate@xencelabs.com, briefly introduce your business direction and share your website/YouTube/social media platform addresses for us to assess your potential.

Due to platform restriction, after verification, we'll actively send invitations to applicants with website addresses and provide pre-approval for applicants from other platforms (Search for "Xencelabs" and click "GET LINKS", but you will pass directly without further review).

Where You Can Use Your Affiliate Link

Use your affiliate link in these popular places and gain exposure

Share the affiliate links with your followers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Write a dedicated blog post/article about our products and related topics inserting your affiliate link.

Add Xencelabs products in your newsletter, linking our logo to your affiliate page – or using a "special offer" banner supplied by Xencelabs.

Use supplied Xencelabs affiliate banners at the top or sides of your website to capture the viewers' attention.

You Should Know

Orders canceled during the referral (30 day) period will not receive a commission.

Do not post content that damages Xencelab’s brand image, we reserve the right to cancel collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

For any suggestions or questions about Xencelabs Affiliate Program, you can always contact us at


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