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Xencelabs Tips & Tricks No.11 – Mounting Pen Displays, USB Connectivity, & ZBrush Pointers


Hello All -

I hope everyone is making it through summer. I would like to think the hot part of summer is behind us, but my outside thermometer tells me otherwise.  Prayers and good thoughts are going out to everyone affected by the fires on Maui. Such a sad and devastating disaster in paradise.

I have lots of informational content to cover this month, so let's get going!

Attention Pen Display 24 owners: If you have a Pen Display and the Quick Keys clip is not staying in place when attached to the side or the bottom of the Pen Display, please reach out to Customer Care by emailing CustomerCare@xencelabs.com. Please include the serial number from the back, lower center of the Pen Display, your phone number and shipping address. We’ll send out a replacement Quick Keys Clip right away.

If you are a Windows Parsec user, we have a driver we would like to have you test. Please email CustomerCare@xencelabs.com, and we will send you a link for the Xencelabs Windows Parsec beta driver.

Xencelabs Webinar: Perfect for photo buffs with a Pen Tablet, Pen Display and or Quick Keys that use Capture One, Photoshop, or Lightroom. Our resident Adobe Ambassador and Adobe Expert, Ian Sayers, will be hosting a webinar featuring professional photographer Rui Bandeira.

Date: 30th Aug 2023 (Wednesday)
Time: 8 pm (HKT), 8 am (NYT), 1 pm (UK time), 2 pm (Europe time)  
Register today!

What I read this month: I’m on an Austin Kleon reading binge. I read Steal Like an Artist and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was taken aback by the title a bit, but once I dove into it, I understood what he was getting at. His insight and excerpts from others in the creative field that have done far more impressive work than me were enlightening and inspiring. His suggestions are simple, but not always easy and always challenging.

Let me know what you are reading, as I’m always looking for new reading material.


Mike McBride

Director of Customer Care / Global Training

Tip 1

Can I mount the Pen Display 24 on an ergo arm?

Yes, you can. The Pen Display 24 is designed to accept a 100 x 100 VESA mounting plate. The FAQ linked below will go into more detail on the specifications you will need to find the right ergo arm.

Mounting Specifications FAQ Link


Tip 2

I have very few USB ports in my computer. What is the best way to connect my Pen Tablet or Quick Keys?

That is a question I hear a lot. It feels like computer manufacturers, especially with laptops, are moving towards having a minimal number of ports on their computers. There are good ways and better ways to connect your Pen Tablet and Quick Keys to your computer. The link below will bring you to an FAQ that goes into detail on the best practice for connecting your Pen Tablet or Quick Keys to your computer.

Best Connectivity FAQ Link


Tip 3

How to fix Right-click not working with ZBrush on Windows computer

There is an easy fix with ZBrush and other 3-D applications, removing the check for using Windows Ink will get your Right-click working how you need it to. We have an FAQ that will work you through getting your Right-click working in ZBrush.

Fixing Right-click on ZBrush FAQ Link


Mike’s Muses:

Keep your Pen Display clean and dust free!

You will want to wipe down your Pen Display once a week or when you notice dust starting to gather on the surface. Xencelabs includes a micro-fiber cloth that is specifically designed to be used to keep your Pen Display free of dust. If you are not using the glove to draw, you may need to use a display cleaner solution every so often to remove any smudges on your Pen Display.

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