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Xencelabs Tips & Tricks No. 10 – Compatibility, Color Spaces, Portability, and Changing Scroll Direction on Windows


I hope this newsletter finds everyone doing well and enjoying the summer. I have been getting out and taking lots of landscape images and enjoying being outside. Outside feels good to me. It makes me feel alive, part of the landscapes I photograph. When I’m in my office working, outside is where I want to be.

They say life is what happens on the way to the Opera. How true that is…

I was looking for the book Keep Going by Austin Kleon and stumbled across another book with a similar title Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance, by Joesph M. Marshall III. Not what I was looking for, but I loved the cover illustration so much that I purchased it as an audiobook. I highly recommend it. It was enjoyable to listen to, the author's voice was perfect, and the book is inspiring for the soul. My soul needs to be inspired on a regular basis.

Back to Keep Going by Austin Kleon: I found it, purchased it, and I have read it twice now. A useful and motivating read for artists. It gives you ten easy-to-follow suggestions to help push you to keep going with your art.


Mike McBride

Director of Customer Care / Global Training

Tip 1

Quick Keys Compatibility

I have received many customer questions about the compatibility of the Xencelabs Quick Keys with popular photo editing applications such as Adobe Lr, LrC, Ps, Capture One, and Affinity. The rule of thumb for customizing the Quick Keys (or any other Xencelabs device) is if there is a keyboard shortcut, you can add it to the Dial or buttons on your Quick Keys or Xencelabs Pens.

Here is a link to some FAQs and a Quick Keys overview video that will help get you started with customizing your Quick Keys for your different applications.


Tip 2

Which Color Space Should I Use?

The phrase “color space ” will make most artists run in the opposite direction, but it is so important for the world we work in. I hear the question, “What color space should I work in?” With the Xencelabs Pen Display 24, we have added seven preset color spaces for you to select from quickly. You can quickly move from one color space to another as your workflow progresses. As an example, I will work in the Adobe RGB color space to make edits to my landscape images, but then move to sRGB color space to see how it will look when I post those to the web or on social media channels. Below is an article on the different preset color spaces that are offered on the Xencelabs Pen Display 24, and it also gives you an idea of which types of artists might use them.

What is the best color space for me?


Tip 3

Is the Pen Tablet portable?

I receive many questions about “Is the Pen Tablet portable?” My response is absolutely. The Pen Tablet line is designed to be portable, easily, and safely stored in the carrying sleeve that is included with your Pen Tablet. I have taken my Pen Tablet Small on many photographic road trips for in-the-field edits, and it performs like a champ. I’m able to set up my Tablet quickly, plug it into my laptop, and start making edits while my dinner is cooking over the campfire. When I’m done, I can pack all the Pen Tablet stuff back into the protective sleeve that comes with your Pen Tablet for safekeeping and traveling.


Mike’s Muses:

Go ahead and switch...On Windows!

On the Windows platform, changing the scroll direction is not an option. If you have the Xencelabs Quick Keys, you are in luck!  The below link will show you how you can change the scroll direction on Windows 10/11. It is super easy!

Link to FAQ

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