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Xencelabs Collaborates with Travis Blaise and Full Sail University’s Film School for Ad Shoot


When Xencelabs wanted to create an advertisement for its new Pen Display 24, it turned to storyboard artist Travis Blaise to come up with the creative, build the storyboards and co-star with the Pen Display 24. Mr. Blaise, a former Disney animator and Pen Display 24 user, is currently working on a big production entitled ARC (Animal Relocation Colony), an animated animal-adventure series, featuring characters Bo, Sue and Galus, that promises to take viewers on an unforgettable adventure through space to find a new home. Naturally, there are several illustrations and verbal mentions of ARC in the Xencelabs ad which creates a great dynamic between Mr. Blaise’s workflow and the Pen Display 24.

When choosing a location to film the advertisement, Xencelabs reached out to Full Sail University’s 3D Arts and Computer Animation Program Director, Peter Bandstra, to see what he thought about filming the piece at Full Sail to provide a hands-on learning opportunity to student volunteers utilizing the school’s production facilities. To Mr. Bandstra’s credit, he immediately embraced the idea, understanding that it would be a great opportunity for Full Sail’s Film School students to  gain industry experience on a “real world” production and to expand their portfolios.

A small team from Xencelabs, including Bill Lindsay and Hannah Imperial Cannon, SketchToAnimate's Travis Blaise and William Winkler (who is also a Full Sail University Computer Animation graduate), and a select group of students and faculty convened on a September weekend at Full Sail’s state-of-the-art campus in Orlando to produce the ad. Lead by faculty professionals, the students did a marvelous job. From creating the set and lighting to leading the film and sound production.

See Travis Blaise’s Xencelabs Pen Display 24 ad filmed at Full Sail here.

Recently named to MovieMaker Magazine’s list of the “25 Best Film Schools in the U.S. and Canada 2023,” and appearing on TheWrap’s “Top 50 Film Schools for 2023,” Full Sail University is home to a film school for creative storytellers. Full Sail's film school helps students to build skills in an environment that takes its cue from a professional studio. Xencelabs would like to thank the following people from Full Sail for their dedication and fine work:

Staff members:

● Jeff Planck, Program Director, Film Bachelor of Science

● Ryan Funk, Course Director, Digital Cinematography (Camera Professor)

● Craig Hicks, Lab Specialist, Film (Makeup artist professor)

● Kerry Plank, Program Coordinator, Film (admin)


● Nicole Christie – Key Production Assistant (Film major)

● Zaryha Davis – Art P.A. (Film major)

● Cyanne (Pepper) Foust – Art P.A. (Film Production Master of Fine Arts – Graduate)

● João Gabriel Pereira Caruso – G&E Swing (Film major)

● Jason Hagler – Grip and Electric (Film major)

● Andres Rivera DeJesus – 2nd Assistant Camera (Film major)

● Christian Lee Rodriguez – Set Photographer (Film Bachelor of Science – Graduate)

● Oscar Rodriguez – Art Swing (Computer Animation Bachelor of Science – Graduate)

● Collin Tagerty – Production Assistant (Film graduate, Master of Science Entertainment Business)

● Alyssa Van Allen – Makeup Assistant (Film major)

● Joseph Workman – Grip and Electric (Film major)

● Andrea Zempoalteca – 1st Assistant Camera (Film major)

Xencelabs participates in Full Sail’s Project LaunchBox™, an innovative program built into the tuition that provides students with the necessary tools – laptop, accessories, such as a pen tablet, and software – to help them complete their work during school and after graduation.

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