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Empowering teachers and students with a pen tablet, the right tool to not be left behind



As summer winds down it’s time for teachers, students, and, yes, even parents, to think about the upcoming school year. While there are plenty of items to purchase before school starts – notebooks, writing utensils, clothes, shoes, backpacks, etc. – there’s one must-buy item that is as diverse as it is practical, fun to use, and can make significant contributions to the entire learning process. What is it? A digital pen tablet from Xencelabs.

Let’s dive into some of the reasons why a pen tablet makes sense for a variety of education scenarios, K-12 and Higher Ed, as well as share some of the promotions we are running for Back to School.

For Teachers and Tutors in K-12

Preparing students for the next phase of their lives and making sure they are given the right tools to grow intellectually and become successful adults are key focus points for all teachers. And let’s face it, the “next phase” and “right tools” for most students launched into adulthood will require digital proficiency.

For K-12 teachers, the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small is the ideal tool for the classroom, as well as hybrid and remote learning. Able to connect to any Mac, PC, or Linux device the tablet is ideal for teaching a variety of creative disciplines to young children, including arts and crafts and digital illustration and, as students reach the high school years, beginning courses in animation, game development, graphic design and photo editing. Teachers who are employing a projector or digital whiteboard in their classrooms have a great amount of control when using a pen tablet. Because the tablet is wireless, they can wander around the room and work face-to-face with students while controlling their lesson plan and writing or drawing on screen with the digital pen. This is incredibly liberating and allows teachers to get closer and more involved with their students and helps build a collaborative environment within the class. Additionally, the Pen Tablet Small features a battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen that feels just like working with real pen and paper. Xencelabs tablets also work with virtually every creative and non-creative software application, making it simple for IT administrators to incorporate the devices into the school.

While the pen tablet is especially suited for creative activities, teachers have discovered the benefits of tablet usage for courses where pen input is indispensable, such as math, science, engineering, and foreign languages. Using a tablet for equations or foreign languages with complex symbols (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.) is intuitive and quickly becomes a natural extension of the users dominant hand.

Tutors and teachers who offer outside services also appreciate the pen tablet for its remote capabilities. The Pen Tablet Small is totally portable and easy to transport from work to home, allowing one to teach online after hours.

For Professors and Instructors in Higher Ed

A curriculum focused on preparing students for professional work in the media and entertainment industry, industrial design, photography or engineering requires schools to expose students to the same technology they will be using in their first job. Xencelabs understands the importance of providing the right product for the right situation and its Pen Tablet Medium or Pen Display 24 are products that teachers gravitate to when building classrooms or labs. The Pen Tablet Medium, for example, is the ideal instrument for teaching photo editing and retouching, thanks to its relatively low cost, ease of use and ability to seamlessly work with programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. For teachers looking to create the next Hollywood animator, Fortune 500 industrial designer, video game developer, or freelance comic illustrator, the Pen Display 24 is the perfect pen-on-screen platform for building the skills and confidence needed in today’s workplace. Each Pen Display 24 ships with a built-in stand, two pens, Quick Keys (for speedy access to customized keyboard shortcuts) and drawing glove. It’s thin, lightweight and sturdy design makes installation easy and the drawing experience emulates the feel and look of traditional media. Using a Pen Display 24 requires no cerebral gymnastics and is as natural a drawing experience as one will find. Kensington locks on the display and Quick Keys ensures the items will not disappear.

Xencelabs is dedicated to helping educators find the tools that will make the next generation of children and young adults successful. Naturally, we also want teachers to be successful and with that, we offer you the following Back to School promotions:

Xencelabs is offering 30% Off on Pen Tablet Small and 20% Off on Pen Tablet Medium from August 1 to September 15th. Take advantage of this great offer with FREE shipping in our eStore or Amazon and get the tools you need to succeed!