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Xencelabs is Ready to Shine at LightBox

October 27-29, 2023 Pasadena, California

The Xencelabs team is looking forward to seeing you at LightBox 2023, an empowering event for artists and designers in the media and entertainment industry. Whether you are an animator, game developer, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer or videographer, a Xencelabs Pen Tablet or Pen Display can help transport your digital creativity to a whole new level. We’ll have all our gear at the booth for you to try. Come discover how Xencelabs is changing the digital landscape.


Travis Blaise

Travis J Blaise, an American animator, story artist, and director, boasts over three decades of industry experience. For 14 years, Travis made notable contributions to various Walt Disney Animation Studio films, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan, Brother Bear, Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, and many others. His latest project is the flagship animation production from SketchtoAnimate called ARC, Animal Relocation Colony. Travis, alongside SketchtoAnimate, offers lessons and tutorials based on his extensive career as an animator, story artist, and director.

Wink Winkler

"William "Wink" Winkler is a digital artist, creative Director, and instructor with over 17 years of industry experience in games, movies, television, and program development. A few of his notable projects include Nickelodeon Suites Resorts, Sesame Street, The Man in the High Castle, The Nashville Zoo, LA Kings, iHeartRadio, and the theatrical re-release of Jurassic Park. Wink is an instructor of Digital Arts at Samford University and the co-owner and Director of production at SketchToAnimate. His latest project, partnered with Travis Blaise, is the flagship animation production from SketchToAnimate called “ARC, Animal Relocation Colony."


Saturday, October 28th.  3-4 PM  - Room 211

How an Online Art Contest Can Change Your Life

Xencelabs will host a panel this year with the team from MerMay, and Inktober’s Jake Parker that will educate students and animation/digital illustration/game design, etc. newcomers on the benefits of joining online art organizations, collaborations and contests to help network and even find employment opportunities. The panelists will offer their own personal stories and give sage advice to attendees. 

Tom Bancroft is a character designer, published author and a published children's book illustrator. He is the founder of Pencillish Animation Studios, founder and co-host of The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast and is widely known as a luminary Disney animator, he created Mushu the dragon in Disney’s “Mulan” and the ever so bubbly MerMay Contest/Drawing Challenge.

Whitney Pollett is an expert toy designer and brand builder with deep rooted experience working with the biggest entertainment studios in the world. She's the founder of Pixelle, a one-of-a-kind boutique studio specializing in the highly secretive world of toys, storytelling, and the psychology of how kids play and learn. She has worked from the ground up in launching many of the most iconic kid’s brands. Whitney's unique experience in play and entertainment is a sea-rious win for MerMay as co-host and partner.

Lauren Barger has worked with the biggest names in the industry as visual development artist, illustrator, animator, character designer and toy designer. A social media whiz, she is the creator of several popular social media series' "CoffeeDraws", “Pets to People” and "Animal Butts". Her endless vision and energy paved the way as the newest partner and co-host of MerMay

Jake Parker is an American concept artist, illustrator, animator, cartoonist and short-story creator. He is a New York Times best-selling illustrator for several comics and picture books. His work also includes several animated feature films. Jake co-founded SVSlearn.com and he's globally recognized as the creator of Inktober, the longest running online annual art challenge.

Maya Lior is an experienced character designer, animator and illustrator. Known for her captivating and enchanting mermaid illustrations along with her years-long journey, participating in MerMay opened a path to becoming a character designer for Disney Junior's Ariel. Maya is proof that contests are important, and dreams do come true.

The Moderator
Doug Little, Xencelabs’ head of public relations and influencer management. Doug brings a wealth of technology experience to the table and has served the creative industry for 20+ years.



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