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Join SketchToAnimate’s Newest Workshop

How to Develop an Animated Short: Everything from Idea to Animation

Saturday, October 16, 2021


Travis Blaise is taking his biggest “learns” from his 30 years of experience and breaking it down in SketchtoAnimate’s latest workshop: How to Develop an Animated Short; Everything from Idea to Animation. During this 6-hour Workshop, Travis will scope out preproduction and production process basics in an animated short. He’ll cover topics like blocking a story, creating an effective pipeline, overall design and so much more!

“Ten times out of ten, a successful animation starts with the story,” says Travis Blaise, an animator for Disney’s Brother Bear, storyboard artist with Netflix’s Disenchantment, and the founder of SketchToAnimate. “This is why we’re so excited about this workshop. We’ll cover everything from idea to animation and anything in-between.”

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