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Aadit Basu, India

Abhiniti Arora, India

Adam Niklewicz,USA

Adyasha Sen, India

Allan Martin, Canada

Ameana Alessandri, England

Anyam Borpuzari, India

Ariana Jhaveri, India

Arpit Bhattacharya, India

Ayushi Chaurasia, India

Bruna Denegri Serkovic, Peru

Debarpita Sarkar, India

Dixit Motiwala, India

Eden Redpath, USA

Farhan Shaikh,India

Hi-Jeong So, South Korea

Himanshu Gopalani, India

Llianna Kamtsiora, Greece

Isabella Kobi, Brzail

Israel Ozioma Jesuloba, Nigeria

Jacqueline Williams, India

Juhie Shamdasani, India

Matthew Mifsud, England

Melanie Royster, USA

Mohamed Imran, India

Mohita Kaul, India

Muskaan Mishra, India

Nagy Deborah, Romania

Nehal Sharma, India

Pavneet Singh, India

Peilin Li, China

Prerit Jain, India

Rini Angeliantari, Indonesia

Rohit Chakraborty, India

Sajal Jain, India

Sakshi Sharmae, India

Sam Alexander Mattacott, England

Sandeep Kumar, India

Sayantan Kundu, India

Shyamolie Madhavji, India

Srotoswini Sinha, India

Sumit Jumde, India

Sumit Sharma, India

Tushar Madaan, India

Urjasvi Gandhi, India

Vasudha Bakshi, India

Vibeke Kidmose, Denmark

Wei Li, Canada

Yasha Shrivastava, India

Zareen Ashraf, Pakistan


Man vs woman, right vs wrong, south vs north, love vs hate, orient vs occident... Everthing seems so obvious that people just take them for granted. However, only few people sit back and think: do opposites attract?

Why do they, or don’t they?

'Opposites attract' is not only about the romantic relationships. It is the rule of nature and the universe. For example, Yin and Yang, the two fundamental forces from traditional Chinese philosophy, are seemingly opposite and contrary to each other, but may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world.

In the exhibition, we would like to demonstrate all the possibilities of opposites, and discuss why they are different and how they attract each other.


1. A digital artist by profession with a minimum of 2 years of practice

2. A digital student by profession with a minimum of 1 year of practice

3. The artist could be based in any location

4. Artist collectives, independent artists, and galleries are welcome to submit their work

5. Platform open to all forms of digital art

6. No prior exhibition experience required to participate

7. Self-taught artists are encouraged to submit their works

8. The artist must create original works

9. Theme can not related to racist, discrimination and politics and socials. All right reserves from Xencelabs

10. Last date of submission is 30.06.2021


1. The artwork(s) must depict the theme shared by the organizers

2. The artwork(s) must be accompanied by a narrative/story. A visual display of your journey as an artist

3. The work(s) must be submitted in the required format

4. The artwork must be available in limited edition only

5. The artwork(s) must be original and one of a kind

6. The work should be contemporary through its content, technique, and material

7. Connecting through art with people across cultures is highly important.The work should be able to make an impact on a viewer regardless of their background


We have two categories. One is for professional artists, the other is for art students. All participants have the opportunity to join an online exhibition, professional seminar with worldwide professional artists which is held by Artiste Culture and Xencelabs.


1st prize × 1
Interview + Business cooperation with Xencelabs
+ Xencelabs Medium Bundle

2nd prize × 1
Interview+Xencelabs Medium Bundle

3rd prize × 1
Xencelabs Medium Standard


1st prize × 1
+ Xencelabs Medium Bundle

2nd prize × 1
Interview+Xencelabs Medium Bundle

3rd prize × 1
Xencelabs Medium Standard


Sunaina MistraFounder of Artiste Culture

She comes with a network of over 700 artists from around the world. In the last seven years, she has worked as an Artist On-Boarding Manager, Project Manager, Art Consultant, Communications Manager, and Museum Manager. Her exposure to diverse art disciplines led to this project.

MA Design Management, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Gonzalo MontanesCurator of Artist Culture

He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain and China as both an artist and a curator. He also co-curated the exhibition 'Lost Modernity' at Reina Sofia Museum, as well as multiple exhibitions at La Juan Gallery- specialising in performance art. He brings a depth of academic and professional experience within the art world.

BA Fine Art, Complutense University of Madrid. MA History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, the Reina Sofia Museum.

Lu ZhangArt consultant of Artist Culture

She has a global network or artists and galleries. She uses these connections to help artists achieve their goals and collectors find the best options to suit their individual tastes, needs and lifestyle.

MA in Global Media and Postnational Communication, University of London, MA Art History and Business of Art and collecting, L'institut d'etudes supérieures des arts, Paris, PhD in Art History, University of Nottingham.

Pretty LeungSenior Global Marketing Manager from Xencelabs

Xencelabs is a new global company with decades of combined experience across a range of creative industries. We specialize in the graphic tablet market and develop tools where the details make the difference. We deliver premium digital design solutions that offer more value for the professional creative.



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