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Messy Desk

Architect & Art Toy Designer

Xencelabs welcomes Messy Desk to our January Artist Spotlight!

Jane Lee, aka Messy Desk, winner of international awards including – 1st-Runner up JIA Illustration Award Japan Illustrator’s Association 2016, The Best Illustration (Advertising) 4th Greater China Illustration Award 2016, Concours Jeunes Talents at Angouleme International Comic Festival France 2012…etc. Jane’s drawing is full of joyful characters, animals, happy faces inter-waving between buildings, rainbow and even outer space, her art is carefully crafted stroke after stroke, the result is high density landscape with an explosion of colour, frantic as it might seem at first glance, while on close inspection each piece of her art is full of emotional stories, like charming little treasures hidden in plain sight, awaiting to be discovered.

Jane’s mural paintings have been exhibited in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Poland, United State, and United Kingdom. The one in Finland has received APOLI-tunnustus environmental design award from Urban Forms.


Instagram: @messydesks

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