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Xencelabs Pen Display 16

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The Xencelabs Pen Display 16 Bundle is for creative professionals on the go. It’s designed with mobility in mind, and its light weight and slim profile make it easy to fit into most backpacks, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. We have also included a carrying case. It's the ultimate blend of professionalism and portability.

Pen Display 16:

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Key Features:


· 4K OLED 16” Pen Display 

· Natural Drawing Experience 

· Finely Tuned Pressure Curve 

· High Color Gamut Coverage (1.07 billion colors, 98% Adobe RGB, 98% P3-D65, 99% sRGB,
99% REC 709, 82% REC 2020) 

· Exceptional Glare Reduction 

· Single Cable Connectivity 

· Two Pens: Xencelabs 3 Button Pen v2 + Eraser & Xencelabs Thin Pen v2 + Eraser  

· Xencelabs Carrying Case, (portable) 

· Silent, Fanless Housing  

· 8192 Levels of Pen Pressure Sensitivity 

· Symmetrical, Ultra-thin 12mm Design

· Edge-to-Edge drawing surface



Short Description: Xencelabs Pen Display 16 Essentials


Long Description: Xencelabs Pen Display 16 Essentials, includes: two Pens (Xencelabs 3 Button Pen v2 and Xencelabs Thin Pen v2), Pen Case, USB-C to USB-C (L-shaped, braided) 1.5m cable, Xencelabs Carrying Case, Drawing Glove, and accessories. 12mm thin profile, 4K OLED, 1.07 billion colors, 8192 Levels of Pen Pressure Sensitivity, connectivity: USB-C (HDMI & DisplayPort connectivity available thru optional accessory: Xencelabs Hub Bundle; other optional accessories include: Xencelabs Mobile Easel, and Quick Keys). Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible.



Marketing Copy:

The ultra-slim and lightweight OLED Pen Display 16 provides exceptional portability, vibrant color, high contrast levels, and precise, natural pen performance. It's perfect for professional digital artists and designers who seek an excellent drawing experience, no matter where they are.



Long Marketing Copy:

Inspiration is Everywhere

Finely Tuned Pressure Curve, 4K 16” OLED Screen, Preloaded Color Spaces for Convenience, Ultra-thin Portable Design, Single Cable Connectivity.


The ultra-slim and lightweight OLED Pen Display 16 provides exceptional portability, vibrant color, high contrast levels, and precise, natural pen performance. It's perfect for professional digital artists and designers who seek an excellent drawing experience, no matter where they are.


Designed with Portability in Mind

The 16-inch OLED screen boasts a slim 12mm profile and weighs just 2.67lbs (1.2kg), making it easy to carry and transport to various working environments.


A single USB-C cable can link the Pen Display 16 to a computer that supports DP Alt Mode and delivers 15W of power via the USB-C port. This setup offers an uncluttered connection and a flexible display position, ideal for working on the go. 


For computers without a suitable USB-C port, there is an optional accessory available: the Xencelabs Hub Bundle, which offers USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort connectivity, and included power, resulting in increased brightness of up to 300cd/m². 


Studio Quality Drawing Experience

The Pen Display 16 provides beautiful pen control thanks to its surface texture. This allows the hand to glide smoothly across the screen, with the friction of the pen nib against the screen providing a traditional pen-to-paper experience.


The pressure curve has an initial activation force of 3g and ranges to 500g. This allows for delicate strokes as well as strong, bold lines and everything in between. The pressure curve has been meticulously tuned thanks to a panel of artists who provided pressure data. Whether heavy or light handed, the pen provides control, sensitivity and precision. Pen response is adjustable to match any drawing style.


Stunning 4K OLED Pen Display

4K OLED screen delivers 1.07 billion colors, enhanced color reproduction from deep blacks to vibrant highlights, and allows creatives to work with precise color accuracy. High resolution 3980*2160, High contrast ratio 100,000:1, Color depth: 1.07 billion primary colors.


These five common color gamuts, which are used in different industries, allow you to view your work as needed without requiring color calibration of your display.

Adobe RGB: 98%

P3-D65: 98%

sRGB: 99%

REC 709: 99%

REC 2020: 82%

Product Type
Pen Display
Model Code
Product Weight
2.67 lbs (1.21 kg)
Product Dimensions
16.1 x 10.2 x 0.47 in (410 x 259.4 x 12mm)
Product Color
Xencelabs Mobile Easel, Two drawing angles, 18° and 32°
Vesa Compliant
VESA compliant with Desktop Easel (sold separately)
Quick Keys
Separte wireless Quick Keys (8 keys in 5 sets / 40 shortcuts per application)
Screen Size (measured diagonally)
15.6 in (39.6 cm)
Active Area
13.55 x 7.6 in (344.2 x 193.6 mm)
Display Resolution
3840 x 2160 pixels
Edge-to-edge tempered glass with Super-AG Etching™
Pen touch only
300 cd/m2, with power 170cd/m2 , one cable
Displayable colors
1.07 billion colors
Color Gamut Coverage Ratio
Adobe RGB 98%, P3-D65 98%, sRGB 99%, REC 709 99% & REC 2020 82%
Display technology
Contrast ratio
100000:1 (typ)
3 Button Pen + Eraser v2 | Thin Pen + Eraser v2
Pen Technology
Pen Pressure Levels
8192 levels (Finely Tuned Pressure Curve)
Pen Tilt Angle
60 degrees
Pen Resolution
5080 lpi
Pen Switches
3 side switches (3 Button Pen v2) | 2 side switches (Thin Pen v2)
Replacement Nibs
10 Nibs v2 (6 standard, 4 felt)
Type C
What’s in the Box
1*Xencelabs Pen Display 16 (LPH1612U-A)
1*Pen Case
1*Xencelabs 3 Button Pen v2 + eraser (PH35-A)
1*Xencelabs Thin Pen v2 + eraser (PH36-A)
2*Pen Clips
1*Adapter (USB-A to USB-C) 
1*Wireless Dongle
10*Nibs (6 Standard, 4 Felt) 
1*Nib Extractor 
1*Cleaning Cloth 
1*Glove (M) 
1*USB-C to USB-C (L-shaped, braided) 1.5m cable 
1*Xencelabs Carrying Case 
1*Warranty card

PC: Windows® 7 or later (latest service pack/build)

Mac: OS X 10.12 or later (latest update)

Linux - Ubuntu 14.04 or above, Debian 9.5, CentOS 7.0 or above, RedHat 7.0 or above



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