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Artists use our tools to express themselves in amazing ways. Our goal is never to be the center of that work. Instead, we collaborate with artists to refine and perfect the tools they use every day. By working together, we create something better than what existed before. We take this same approach with our business partners. So, how can we collaborate to build something wonderful together?

Partnership Solutions


For the first time, working creatives have a true, professional-grade pen tablet alternative. Xencelabs products have the built-in power to enable your best work while delivering more out-of-the-box value than the competition.

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For many creatives, pen tablets are an integral part of their arts education. That’s why we’ve designed products to compliment the educational environment, with features like built-in Kensington® locks. Contact our Enterprise Sales team to learn more about our loaner program and see if you qualify for educational pricing.

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We’re currently recruiting new reseller relationships. The Xencelabs line offers your customers a new high-quality, professional-grade option designed with the artist in mind. If you’d like to carry the next generation of pen tablets, contact us for more information on our retail program.

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We’re building relationships with our industry partners to deliver the highest quality products for the artistic community. Whether it’s a software application or a connective hardware partner, we’re continually looking for ways to improve our products as technology evolves.

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Please reach out to us to learn more about our new products, educational pricing, the loaner program, and enterprise sales support

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